5 Practical SEO Tips for eCommerce

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for eCommerce sites is very important as it helps to drive organic search traffic which later translates to revenue and increased sales. However for the past couple of years Google has introduced Penguin and Panda on thin affiliates, web spammers and duplicate content. This has made many site owners to despise the word SEO as they feel it is a way to cheat rather than compete. There is a thin line between bad SEO which can be referred to as web spam and good SEO encouraged by Google. Below are some of the tips that can be followed to avoid web spam to enjoy organic web traffic as well as improve the ranks of the page.

Choose the ideal SEO shopping cart
One of the worst mistakes that you can make is insist on working with a bad shopping cart software or web host because you feel that it is too much work moving. Look for a cutting edge, vibrant, famous and growing eCommerce solution.

Work only with the best content
Google only loves high quality, original and fresh content. This is because it wants to impress people as they search for the information they are looking for. Don”t fall into the trap of uploading a catalogue that features many products with no or little original content or copy pasting words from manufacturers. You need to make sure that you come up with original content that will impress your potential clients and also keep you at the top of your game. Try and come up with your own product descriptions as you are the only one who knows how best to describe them. It is also great idea to encourage reviews from customers where they share their experiences.

Enhance performance and speed
To keep Google as well as the customers happy, you need to improve the load times of all the pages. This however needs a little skill and technical know how to make this happen. Keep pages light without any unnecessary things like large images on the design and flashy JavaScript. Remove modules and slow codes when using CMS and make sure you use a reputable and competent web host.

Get rid of duplicate or thin content
You should make sure that you do not go round in circles when coming up with the content for the eCommerce site. This is because people will get bored and will most likely not get on with following what the site has to offer which can lead to great losses. It is also vital that you handle products which are manageable so that you can promote them in the best way possible.

Blend SEO strategies and eCommerce
There are a couple of eCommerce strategies that can be used to improve the business so as to get more sales like up- or even cross selling. This post is well written and researched by Les Baer Rifles  These are also great techniques that can also be used in regards to SEO company  in regards to content. Providing relevant and top notch content helps clients to find new and products that they love.


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