5 Ways to Increase Blog Subscriptions

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Every blogger needs loyal blog readers who will subscribe their blogs. The number of subscriptions a blog have indicates the strength of the site. It is, therefore, important for a blogger to ensure that his or her blog has many subscribers. However, this does not just happen, but it is made to happen. Below are 5 ways to increase blog subscriptions, which any blogger can use to their advantage.

1. Provide engaging content regularly:
The content a blogger provides in his or her blog is paramount in determining the number of subscriptions to the blog. The content should be engaging, interesting, well written and more so updated regularly. In addition, the content must be relevant to the title of the blog”s topic. This will not only maintain reader”s interest, but also develop subscriber base, thereby increasing blog subscriptions.

2. Ensure that the subscription link is placed strategically:
The subscription link should be placed in a way that the reader will find it easily. It should be placed in every page, especially at the end of every article. It will serve its purpose more effectively if it comes after a call for action. Such call for action should request the reader to subscribe via the link in case he or she found the article useful. This will ensure that every reader who liked the content in the blog subscribes to the blog for more content in future and even invite his or her friends to the same. Ultimately, the blog will have increased subscriptions.

3. Make the subscription page as simple as possible:
The Subscription page should be made as simple as possible. It should not require too much information from the subscribers. It is worth noting that most of the subscribers will avoid any site that has a complex subscription page, especially where personal information is required. Therefore, if you want to increase your blog subscription, it is recommended that you avoid asking for too much personal information. One should only ask for an email address and a name for personalizing the updates. If more information is required, this should be done after the reader has subscribed and built confidence in your updates. It is also important to explain clearly various options available for the reader to subscribe to your blog.

4. Provide incentives to subscribers:
It is important to add an incentive to all subscribers because it will motivate more to subscribe. However, the incentive need not be tangible gifts instead, it could be eBooks related to the blog”s topic. In addition, when subscribers are brought together to form a group where they can have a forum to discuss issues with like-minded people, they are motivated and finds the blog useful. These kinds of incentives will increase subscribers into a blog.

5. Advertise the subscribers:
When a blog have acquired quite big number of subscribers, it is advisable to advertise the fact on the blog. This will help in increasing the subscribers because potential subscribers will realize that your blog has great content.

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