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These days a significant number of people can be found doing the business over the internet. The online business does not require much of your investment and time, but it requires the hard work and dedication. Well, some techniques can also be used in order to generate a good amount of profit through internet marketing. One such technique is improving your click through rate that is commonly known as CTR. Click- through rate basically refers to a way by which the success of an online advertising campaign for a particular website can be measured. It”s not easy to improvise your click through rate as it involves a lot of complications. However, if you are an internet marketer and afraid of the complications involved in improvisation, you need not worry as here I am going to provide you with a few tips to improve your click- through rate.

1) Use text ads only –
When the internet marketing was into its initial stage, the ads containing images were considered to be highly effective. However, the people”s opinion has changed now and the ads with images are no longer a good idea. So make sure that you only use the text ads.

2) Diversification of the content –
This is one of the best ways to improvise your click through rate. Adsense works quite well over the websites with a number of different pages containing different content and when a visitor visits over your website, the number of ads can catch your attention.

3) Same Border color should be used-
The background color of the ad and border color should be similar to the background color of the content. You should make sure about the similar background color as if the content and ads do not have the same background, only a few number of customers would be attracted towards the ads.

4) Content Framing-
The ads should be used as a border for your content. Well, you can use a leader board for the top bordering and a wide skyscraper for the side bordering. You should only use the two ad units for bordering or framing your content as with adsense, you would get only three ads per page. So if you use the two ad units for framing then you have an option of using the left ad unit in a better manner.

5) Proper positioning of the ads –
You need to place the ads properly on your website. The ads should always be placed on the left side, content should be in the middle and sitemaps on the right. By placing the ads on left side, you will naturally get more visitors.

6) Ads should be disguised-
The ads should be placed in the content itself by using the square ads. The ads should be placed directly over the content and it should be formatted in such a manner that it resembles your ad

7) Different setups should be tried-
You should use adsense custom channels in order to know about the performance of the ad units.  If you are not able to get good results out of it, then try for the different setups.

8) Placing the link unit-
You can also place a link unit over your site map in order to get the best results.

So, these were some tips to improve your click-through rate. I am sure that if you use these tips to improvise your Click-through rate, you will definitely get the best results.


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