Best Chrome Extensions For SEO & Link Building

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The ever-changing landscape of the SEO industry has put the marketers and bloggers to their toes. It demands for the continuous evolution of the marketing strategies. This, in turn, has led to the development of a plethora of tools to ease the work for the concerned fellows.


With the number of tools being so large, it is obvious for anyone to be confused so as to choose the best tool. In fact, it is tedious and frustrating at times, to switch between tools. But the dirty tasks need to be done, and there’s no other way around. Unless, you follow someone’s advise who has already tried enough tools, and has an eye for the right one.


In this article, We’ll share with you the best tools that We’ve found to be savvy for SEO & link building. These tools can simplify your task and keep you ahead in the competition, regardless of whether you are an SEO professional or a blogger.


  1. MOZBar

If you are looking for an all-in-one tool, you have crashed in the right place. Moz is amongst the leading analytics tool that is prominently used all over the world. Moz is known for its high accuracy and credibility for the metrics that it provides. And now, it is available as an extension for your Chrome Browser.


In fact, it is available for Safari as well. There are two variants for this tool. One is the free version and the other one is the Pro version, which is paid. Having said that, the tool is highly reliable with the stats for the target URL.


Simply install the plugin and you’re good to go. Moreover, you can get pretty much the basic information without having to subscribe for the pro version. All you need to do is click on the icon on the right corner while you are scrolling the webpage or the website you wish to draw information for.


A brief introduction to all the information that you can extract may help you understand the tool better.  You can find the authority score, trust flow, citation flow, domain trust score, and a lot more with the help of this tool. And accordingly, modify or alter your SEO.


  1. SEO & Website Analysis by WooRank

For those who need help with their campaign planning and analysis are in for a wonderful ride. You know how tough it becomes to check and correct the bad SEO. All the data accumulation and compilation. Oh lord! You must be tired searching for that magic lamp which could solve all your SEO troubles.


Well, now you can. While you are on the page that you need to draw information about, click on the plugin. A pop-up screen will open with the measurements and stats related to the page. You can check the common ones such as DA, TA, and Backlinks very easily on the free version. For all the other information you will have to purchase the higher version. But still, the information is from reliable sources and accurate.


With the help of this plugin, you can easily design your SEO and Link Building Campaigns.


  1. Ninja Outreach Lite

Do you need something to help you with your outreach prospecting? Well, NInja Outreach Lite can surely help you. This tool, although, fairly new to the market, is quite popular with the guest blogging and backlinking agencies. The developers have updated the tool, very often and frequently.


Now, with the latest rollout of the tool as a Google Chrome Extension, the potentials are tremendously voluptuous. You can draw all sorts of information, including SEO elements, traffic information key pages, and recent posts, apart from drawing the admin contact information.


The developers have made this tool compatible with all OS and are offering these pieces of information for free. Although they have a higher version, with the loaded features. All you need is a registered account with the NinjaOutreach.

  1. RocketReach

Yes, it is not ethical to hack into someone’s account. But, as it is said, everything is fair in love and war, and profession. So this tool is strictly meant for the professionals working in the SEO industry.


Are you struggling with your outreach? Does it seem too difficult to find the right person to contact? Maybe you are doing it the wrong way. You should try out this tool – RocketReach. This tool is pretty helpful to in finding the email. The tool is trusted by more than a million users.


Install the plugin to your system, and voila! You can find emails on LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Angel List, Crunch Base, Google, etc. The tool can help you not just for your outreach but also for your sales.


  1. builtWith Technology Profiler

The servers for this tool has more than a quarter of a billion websites. It also has information on the technologies used to build those websites. With the help of this tool, you can access this database and use it for your campaigns.


For example, you can get to know if a website is built using WordPress, then what plugins and widgets do the website use, can also be accessed. Perfect for competitor analysis, you can use this tool to enhance your own website and carry out SEO for it.


  1. MAJESTIC Browser Plugin

One of the major players in the SEO industry, Majestic has been a recent player, but quite a star performer in the industry. You must have used this tool for all your outreach audits. To know which blog or website can fulfill your requirement and to sort their tier.


Nevertheless, Majestic has updated its tool by providing a browser plugin. This has enormously simplified the process. With the extension, you can check the real-time performance of the website that you need to explore the metrics for.


With numerical data enhanced with the graphs for better understanding, you don’t have to worry anymore for your backlink generation. Simply, click the tool to get the real-time updates about the website including TF, CF, DA, RD, backlink history, and the on-page elements. The free plugin would work just fine, but if you need an in-depth analysis, then you should purchase the subscription for Majestic.


  1. Link Grabber

Do you wish to conduct a thorough analysis of your competitor? Do you wish to know what is affecting your competitors’ higher ranks and where your website is lagging behind in the race? Well, you can surely begin your audit with a thorough analysis of the backlinks.


Link Grabber can fetch links for any particular page or a domain. From the bad links to the good ones to the dead ones and the ones that are highly dominating, you can extract a list of the backlinks that it has.


This is not just it. You can export this list to your spreadsheet, or even to another tool for further analysis. The only limitation that this tool has is, it does not show the blocked domains.


  1. PrePostSEO Tools for Chrome!

In case you are tired of using garbage tools, and looking for an all-around tool, you should check out PrePostSEO. This free extension can help you extract any and all information that you may need.


You can check domain authority and page authority, IP address, and even the MOZ rank. You can also check your SEO score, keyword density, Google index status, Domain age, Broken links, and the list goes on. For complete details, you’d have to try the tool first. And we promise that you wouldn’t regret using this tool.


Try the tool out for free, and if you like it, you can purchase the complete access to the tool. The trial version has some limitation, but with full access, you can have all that information just a click away.


  1. AeroLeads

Another tool for extracting the emails and phone numbers for your potential clients. This data mining tool has been ranked number one in prospect generation and  B2B lead generation.


Don’t you need a database of contacts and prospects that you can reach out to grow your business? This plugin can probably serve you the best. Pair this plugin with whichever CRM or marketing software you prefer and you are good to go.

  1. Scraper

Scraper here can speed up your link prospecting efforts. You can find out all the blogs and websites similar to the one you are scrolling at the moment. Once you have the relevant prospects for you, you can begin with your outreach and link building efforts.

For example, let’s say you are scrolling through a lifestyle blog. With the right click of your mouse, you can scrape similar websites and blogs. Once you have the list of possible prospects, you can combine this list with other tools to sort out the best.


Now that you have all these tools, why don’t you try them and see for yourself which one serves your purpose in the best way? You can use these tools in sync with each other or you can use them individually. The choice is yours.

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