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Hiring an SEO firm that understands what you do, who’s your target audience and where your website needs to be; is crucial to getting higher rankings and conversions. This means, with the right SEO company, you’ll generate more sales and revenue.
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The Unconventional Truth About SEO

The truth about SEO is: there are a lot of “SEO Experts” who claim to be very well-versed with SEO but they really aren’t. You might find them offering dirt-cheap SEO services for law firms while claiming to produce highly rewarding results. But they do nothing more than cash your checks. This is because most of these SEO experts:

– Follow Outdated SEO Tactics

– Violate Search Engine Guidelines

– Outsource Your Project to Even Cheaper “SEO Experts”

– AND Use Ineffective Plans that aren’t Designed for Law Firms

What happens when you hire that kind of SEO Expert? Instead of getting results, you just waste your hard-earned money with no return-on-investment, whatsoever.

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Why Choose Submitcore As Your SEO Agency

Choosing us means you’ll be taking your first step to get higher conversion rates and realistic results that boost your sales. In other words, you generate more revenue.

Once you hire us, you will get to know that:

– We Execute Effective Plans to Optimize Your Website

– We Get to Know You, Your Law Firm and Your SEO Needs

– We Tailor Unique and Updated SEO Techniques to Match Your Needs

– We Make You Stand out From Your Competitors within a few Months

– We Come up with Reports and Analytics with Realistic Results

– We are Straightforward when it comes to Our Promises, Services and Prices

As we move forward, you will get to see that we will continue to optimize your website by executing white-hat SEO techniques that build your online authority and make search engines trust your law firm website, as a law-based website. We do this by:

– Planning a Strong Structure so nothing prevents you from ranking faster.

– Well-Written Content that boosts SEO and conversion rates.

– Building Trust to ensure conversion rates skyrocket to new heights.

– Leadership Blogging to gain links, fans, trust, and online influence.

– Social Clout to ensure that your brand is influential on social media platforms.

– Authority Development that’s very helpful for link-building and web promotion.

– Supremacy over Competitors by ranking your social media profiles in Google.

We make sure that our SEO strategies are updated regularly according to the changes that happen to SEO algorithms almost every day. This, alone, provides you an edge over your competitors and allows your website to dominate theirs sooner than later.

Of course, we always do our best to bring innovative and creative ideas in SEO tactics that will help your law firm even more. In other words, we don’t just want you to rank #1 on Google ‒ we want you to make gigantic sales through your law firm website.

Because in the end, conversions are what really matter.

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