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As per a survey conducted in 2016, 44% of the home buyers look for real estate options online!

Gone are the days when industries were driven by traditional marketing tools like direct mail, print ads and broadcast. An advent of digital marketing has taken the world by storm, replacing the conventional modes of commercializing. Before making any investment, now every customer resorts to online media as the prime source of information. And with a solid strategy you can use it to a significant advantage.

In online marketing, search engine optimization or SEO, plays a crucial role of any digital strategy frame for real estate agents. If you’re looking to take attractive leads and business online, you must get SEO on your website.

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We, at Submit Core extend top of the line SEO strategies which are as unique as your real estate firm.

Decisive Keywords

Keyword research is important to your SEO plan for your real estate site. You need to target the right set of keywords which will attract the right (desired) people to your website.
Compelling Content

In addition to using keywords, you must make endeavors to consistently create new and fresh content for your website. An interesting piece of write-up always attracts your target audience. Thus, it becomes an effective method to generate organic traffic.
Analyzing Competitors

Once the keywords are selected, you can do searches with the keywords to trace out the list of competitors around you. Follow the link and make a comprehensive analysis of the web pages.
Separate Sections For Target Audience

Buyers and sellers are looking for two different aspects viz. buyers want houses and sellers want agents. And they use separate terms to look out these. So make separate pages for buyers and sellers with coherent content and keywords on your website.
Integrated Multimedia

Selling properties highly depends on the potential buyers’ insights of your offerings, so displaying videos and images become vital in real estate. Showcasing helpful images of the properties are likely to bring in more traffic to your website.
Mobile Site

More than 89% of new home shoppers search using a mobile device while taking the house hunting process. Thus, making your mobile website is a crucial factor in real estate SEO.
A WELL-FRAMED Real Estate SEO Strategy must comprise the Local SEO and geo-targeting, URL structure, website performance, optimized content creation, advanced Keyword research and effective social media platforms.