8 Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic in 2019

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While Google keeps on updating its algorithms from time to time, there are no exact rules to argue about what helps SEO. Although it has been controversial that Google makes use of more than 200 signals, what these signals exactly are, is known to none.

Since no one knows exactly what these signals are and Google also doesn’t disclose them, some techniques are tried and tested, while others are still arguable. Nevertheless, the tested ones could be a part of your SEO campaign in the year 2019.

1. Speed Up Your Website Response

The search engines are getting smarter with every keyword being searched. Thanks to the AI responses of the search engines. Google, being the most prominent one amongst all the search engines, is always at the center of any SEO campaign strategy.

It is crucial that when you design your strategy for your SEO, you consider your websites speed because Google considers it. A delayed website response may drop your SERP rankings and result in reduced organic traffic on your website. Make sure that your website responds to every call within seconds, if not fractions.

2. Make Use Of LSI Keywords

Since a single keyword could be used by many websites, it becomes more and more difficult to perform result oriented SEO. Luckily, there’s a more potent way to perform SEO- Latent Semantic Index keywords.

You probably would already know what they are, but still, somehow you are missing ‘em. Semantic keywords help your webpages and documents, and not just your website, rank better in SERPs. Isn’t SEO all about ranking in the search results for relevant keywords?

This brings us to the next effective technique for good SEO.

3. Link Your Webpages Not Website

You should really consider linking your webpages and not just your website when you consider link building in your SEO campaign. Google monitors the linking of all of your website’s pages and not just the landing homepage.

Having said that, it is also critically important that you backlink your webpages internally and externally. Any single backlinking technique out of these two may drastically affect your website’s SEO.

4. Build A Backlinking Pyramid

Backlinking has been a critical signal for SEO and there’s no doubt in it. But it isn’t as simple as it sounds. If you are considering building backlinks to your website, you must consider a pyramidal backlinking structure.

In other words, you should build links to your website and pages, and then backlinks to those backlinks and so on. Also known as tiered linking strategy, it is the most effective way of getting your website to rank amongst the top contenders for a keyword.

5. Monitor Your Domain Authority

Another benefit of building a backlink pyramid to your website is that it improves your website’s domain authority. DA is a metric from MOZ, which is proven to be accounted during your SERP rankings.

How about, you should constantly monitor your website’s authority? There could be numerous reasons that may affect the authority of a website including backlinks, content on the site, the age of your domain, and the traffic it gains from a specific region.

6. Include Your Most Favoured Keyword In Your Subdomain

Google considers keywords in subdomain descriptions over domain extension. Expert panel on MOZ’s team of professionals also confirms this. Make sure that the keywords you include in your subdomain are not too short and are the most favored keywords for your website.

Using a keyword in your subdomain also improves your domain authority which is, as already mentioned, pretty much indispensable now for your SEO.

7. Link Juice And Link Volume Are Equally Important

Link juice which is preferably considered more important by Google over link volume can be a new addition to your campaign. Obviously, a good backlink from a high authority website can drive more organic traffic to your website than a high volume of backlinks can.

And it is also favored by Google in deciding your SERP ranking. This is probably because high authority mentions for your landing pages can bring in higher authority to your website as well.

8. Improve Your Meta Description

The attributes of your meta description should include an optimum density of the keywords that are unique to you. It does not matter if the strength of keyword is high or low, since, the keywords are no more searched for, without semantics.

When you improve your meta description, make sure that you also decide on an appropriate meta tag for your landing page and also the length of your meta description.

It is all about hit and trial when it comes to SEO, and the only way to do it, indeed.

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