10 Ranking Factors You Must Consider To Rank in 2019

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The year 2019 has already seen so many updates in the SEO industry, and yet there are more to come. Our expert marketing strategists bring you the best of the best strategies that you can use for your website.

1. Keyword Density And Strength

Every strategist knows it, and it’s not at all something out of the blue. Keywords are the most important factor affecting your website’s ranking. But the question here is how does this affect your SEO campaign this year?

Selecting a keyword that is relevant to your website is very crucial. Furthermore, the strength and the search volume for the keyword also play important roles. A smart way out could be creating your own search terms and indexing semantic keywords that can help rank your website higher in the SERPs.

2. Website Compatibility On Mobile Devices

Google takes into consideration the compatibility of a website on different platforms. You may ask why does google consider this? Well, the simple and most relevant, logical explanation could be the engagement of different audiences on the website.

The more versatile, a website’s platform becomes, the more it can engage the audience. This, in turn, increases the credibility of the website as to cater a more diversified user-base. So, you should definitely improve your website’s performance and compatibility on mobile devices such as tablets, Chromebooks, and cellular androids.

3. Structure Of Website

Your website structure is really important for your SERP rankings. But the question is, how? A good website structure increases your website’s user experience. For example, including interactive CTAs, well-researched content, and originality in the layout of your content all contribute to rankings on SERPs.

Google also, considers the URL structure, the user interface, and the dwell time of your website including the meta tags and meta description. We will understand further, how these micro-factors affect your website’s rankings.

4. UX Interface Of The Website

The better your user feels visiting your website, the better you have chances of ranking your website on the first page. Make your website more user interactive by improving the content and the CTAs to engage your user.

Another trick to enhancing the user experience by offering a quick response from the PR team. The lesser your response time is, the more a user would revisit your website, and hence a higher ranking.

5. Size Of Backlink Pyramid

Every SEO strategist would agree that amongst all the factors that signal a higher ranking in SERPs, the backlinks are amongst the most important ones. But, equally, would they agree to the fact that just the number won’t improve your ranking. What else, do you need to do, while fetching backlinks?

You should consider, building a backlink pyramid for your website. In other words, you shouldn’t just fetch a large number of backlinks to your website, but also, build backlinks to the driving, first tier links. Also, keep in mind that you need to link all of your pages, and not just the homepage, internally as well as externally.

6. Quality Of Backlinks

Along with fetching your website a considerable number of backlinks, the quality of backlinks also is important. In other words, the authority of the pages that provide your website a backlink has an impact on your website’s ranking.

For example, a backlink from a high authority website such as forums, social media websites, Wikipedia, and Forbes improves your website’s authority significantly. Whereas, a link fetched from a 2.0 website or a blog that has a low DA profile, does not improve your ranking as significantly as the former can.

7. Bounce Rate

Since you’ve already understood how your website’s structure and the user interface can improve your ranking, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that these factors affect the bounce rate of your website. A higher bounce rate can drastically decline your ranking.

And just to reduce the bounce rate, you should be considering some professional help. Although the content is the king, it’s not just the only factor that can retain a visitor. Give your visitor something like a creative introduction or a chance to have a word with you by means of CTAs and measure the CTR to make sure that you are on the right path.

8. Meta Tags And Meta Description

Meta tags and meta description can significantly improve your keyword’s strength for your website. The better relationship you maintain between your meta description and meta tags, and your keywords, the better your website can rank.

Try including your meta tags in your subdomain description and not in your domain extension. This would generate a better authority for your website.

Contenders for the top ranks in any particular search range from a few thousand to nearly close to a million, in few cases. Every website admin wishes for their website to rank amongst the top three positions, at least, if not the first. Taking into account the number of competitors in the rank race, winning the race becomes all the more difficult.

The year 2019 has already seen so many updates in the SEO industry, and yet there are more to come. Our expert marketing strategists bring you the best of the best strategies that you can use for your website.

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